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Dear Mr. Cameron,

Please stop trying to be our friend, we, well our UK Members, don't want a friend for Prime Minister, the idea just too is appalling, we really do not need a Hoodie Hugging Politician to lead the United Kingdom.

What we, well our UK Members need, is a Leader, a Statesman, someone we can respect, be proud of and someone who can stop greed, corruption and cancerous waste in the state owned sector.

We know we are Fucking Idiots, but we are not stupid, so none of us will be applying for your possible post as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

However if you behave like a Fucking Idiot, Hugging Hoodies and making excruciating You Tube appearances, like;

"I am Dave, sorry not to have spoken to you for some time"

Then even the Hoodies will not vote for you. They may hug and even kiss you, but they also want a Prime Minister with a forceful character, certainly not a wimp riding around on a bicycle escorted by a posse of extra police and security who are airbrushed out for published photos.

If you want to get our members vote, then you must dress, look, speak and behave like a leader and then just maybe the voters will believe you actually are.

Michael Howard did the opposite in the final days of the last election. He ran around; tie less in his shirtsleeves, like a headless chicken and the result? He lost the Conservatives the Election. Well our Members would not vote for someone who gives the appearance of a Fucking Idiot, would you? Hopefully not.

Yes appearances can be deceptive; Tony Blair’s were and look at what he has done for the Fucking Idiots who voted for him and even the ones who did not.

Gordon Brown looks like a leader and sounds like a leader, but he may be another Tony Blair, but looking and sounding like a leader is a good start in an election campaign.

Now William Hague he has a brilliant mind but he looked and sounded like Ronnie Corbett, which is OK for Comedy, but not for our members. They love Ronnie Corbett but not as a Prime Minister.

Who can now afford to buy a house or flat? Well at least under John Major we could. Ah yes you might say Tony and Cherie Blair can. Members of Parliament can, Members of the House of Lords can. The majority of us cannot, why? Well we just got Fucked.

The Labour Party says things are better, well for Members of Parliament they are. For 99% of the rest of us they are worse. If you have 1% inflation and % net after tax wage increase you are worse off.

Oh how many Fucking idiots are on the Election Register? From our Membership Qualification Test Results about 99% of the electorate qualify for Membership of our club and we are all becoming less stupid every day.

None of our Members can afford to pay any cash for honours and we think you are all wasting our money on something that you all know the truth about.

The only people making money out of the investigations are rich lawyers, the newspapers and instead of using the money and resources being spent to catch real criminals who cause immense physical harm to society, you all engage in what will end up as a pretty useless exercise.

It is in our opinion a total waste of Tax Payers Money being used for solely Political Games between Political Parties. Hopefully if anyone is found guilty of a crime they will have to pay all the cost of the process that found them guilty, but we think that will not happen.


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