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United Kingdom

Purely Creative

One of our member's received through the post a Golden Ticket worth 1 Million? From Purely Creative Limited, 1 Mannin Way, Lancaster Business Park, Caton Road, Lancaster LA1 3SU. They asked could they really be awarded 1 million.

When we read the small print in the Golden Ticket we noticed that (we quote):

Names of high value prize winners will feature in post promotion publicity, ROI claim line number 1580 927 404 (calls cost no more than Euros 10)

Even worse, the How to Claim your Reward Form says that calls cost 1.50/min & will last not longer than 6 minutes, which is 9 or if you send a claim by text you will receive 6 texts at 1.50 each which is also a cost of 9.

Our advice was to send the ticket or a copy to Tony Blair and ask him to investigate Purely Creative to see if it is serious offer or just a scam.

We do understand that the Government, which is responsible overall for the physical and financial welfare of its citizens, just does not appear to care what the telephone companies are used for (TV Programme Voting Scams but that's another story) and as a result very many vulnerable people have been caught by people operating telephone line charge scams, which they could not do without the telephone companies total involvement as they take part of the money charged to the victim.

However we also belief that no one in the Government cares a monkey's, so all we can do is warn our members not to be stupid and believe such offers.

Our Club Motto is "We know we are Fucking Idiots but we are not Stupid" and we will not be calling and or texting Purely Creative, they sound just a little to financially creative for us.

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