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UK Parliament

New Cross Party Bill to Fuck us.

Joint effort of the Labour and Conservative Parties to get as much money as they can under a cloak of secrecy from our members.

As we say we may be Fucking Idiots, but we are not stupid, we all know what is going on, we are just being Fucked by The Politicians, this is Gordon Brown's new policy, it is just like all before him.

After this can anyone believe a thing he says

He has not yet taken over from Tony Blair and his promise of No More Sleaze and Deceptions and Secret Deals is Dead.

What is worse his accomplice is David Cameron, what a choice for us all.

If we thought the Cash for Honours Scandal was bad, this is even worse, at least the rich paid money for their Honours, this is time it is the general public having to pay for the Politicians in Parliament Expenses, without any financial accountability to the people paying them us.

To understand more read Daily Mail page 14, What A Bunch of Greedy B'stards by Edward Heathcoat Amory

What A Bunch of Greedy B'Stards

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