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Jenny Hope
Medical Correspondent
Daily Mail
Saturday 11th May 2007

Dear Jenny,

I read with great interest your article in the Daily Mail yesterday 10th May 2007 but unlike your surname I have little hope if there is a change in the Government from Labour to Conservative that it will make any difference to the NHS.

The current Labour Government has done no better than the previous Conservative Government did, probably worse. It is not the policies that are in question, nor the wishes of the Prime Ministers and their respective Cabinets, it is just that a substantial proportion of the administrative management of the Health Care Delivery System is basically corrupt, they are the people who eat up the funds, not the Nurses, Doctors, Medical Consultants and Surgeons plus the front line patient admission staff, cleaners, patient carers and Ambulance Services who do the actual work in saving lives and caring for patients. These people all do magnificent work under near impossible conditions.

The administration costs of NHS Trusts especially at the Board Level are a prime example of "snouts in the trough". We all know this, but are obviously unwilling to state the true facts and face up to the obvious truth. It is not that insufficient funding is to blame, there is enough money available, it is only that the funds are misspent.

Until the NHS and all the Health Services are headed by someone with authority and top level management experience to eliminate the wasteful and criminal, near criminal practices, you would have to be a member of our club to believe that a change of government would bring about a better result and even our members are not that stupid to believe it will.

For sure one of the major Private Equity Companies would do a much better job in running the NHS than the present administration, one reason is that they have access to the talented people required to run major enterprises.

In any case what do Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron know about running a business, what experience have they ever had. Would the City Investment Banks and Investors invest in any company managed by them, I think not.

So why do we believe they can even choose the right candidates to run the NHS, to-date they, well Tony Blair and his predecessors have got it totally wrong, as in your article the table illustrated that the UK is bottom of the league in five-year survival rates for cancer; says enough.

Kind regards,


PS: I don't expect this letter to be published, except on our website, but an acknowledgement would be appreciated

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