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Harrods Anti Real Fur Campaign
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Before Princess Diana died she became a very strong supporter of the Anti Real Fur Trade.

Mohammed Al Fayed, the now legendry owner of Harrods and towering beacon in his quest for a final resolution to the questions relating to the death of Princess Diana and his son Dodi, regrettably sullies Princess Diana's name by permitting the sale of Real Fur in Harrods.

The sale of Real Fur was something that Princess Diana was totally against and we believe that, if alive, she would rather see all reference to her in Harrods removed, as it gives the wrong impression that she would condone the sale of Real Fur there.

Mr. Al Fayed, if you really want to honour Princess Diana, forever the United Kingdom's People's Princess, you will also honour her wishes and ban the sale of Real Fur in Harrods.

Don't put profit before honour like many of your competitors do. We think that you are above them and as the sole owner of Harrods you have only yourself and the memory of Diana and Dodi to answer to.

You have said on many occasions how Princess Diana was hunted like a wild animal and that her hunters caused her death.

Therefore please Mr. Al Fayed think how would the Princess feel to see you permit the sale of Wild Animal or equally as bad, those poor trapped animals raised in cages in Harrods the store she loved and by the father of man she loved.

Please Mr. Al Fayed you just can not do this to her memory, she will turn in her grave.

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