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Bio-Diesel UK

Bio-Diesel Refining in the UK

Why is Bio-Diesel Refining in the UK not receiving any support or investment, is this another case of the Government and the Conservative Opposition just doing the saying but not the actual doing.

Just try to raise investment funding for Bio-Diesel companies, the door is closed, why, well D1 Oils and Bio-Fuels two new Bio-Diesel Refiners are in virtual financial meltdown, even though they can now produce Bio-Diesel they can only sell it at a loss, this gives a great message to the public and a warning of higher fuel costs to add to the current inflation.

Maybe we will just have to rely on the Germans who are producing Bio-Diesel in a much larger volume than we are, I wonder why. Maybe it is because they grow a significant quantity of Soy Oil Seeds on the continent, which is the feedstock for their Bio-Diesel Refineries. Is this another Iraq Invasion Story, “Well intentioned but misguided” and with no real governmental delivery plan?

It does look like the UK will be left behind in Bio-Diesel Refining and will just have to pay the cost of imported Bio-Diesel Oil. The Major Oil Companies say they do not care as if they can not get sufficient Bio-Diesel Oil to blend with mineral crude oils to produce the required mix of 97.5% mineral to 2.5% plant oil next year to comply with new UK Government regulations, they will just pay the penalty that is imposed and pass that on to the consumer.

As usual it’s the consumer that pays the cost of such policy mismanagement, i.e. someone who qualifies for membership to our club.

By the way who in the UK is investing in the planting, cultivation, harvesting and primary processing of Oil Seeds? Where will the feedstocks come from in sufficient quantity and at what price to feed our UK Bio-Diesel Refineries?

Will we be just Fucked again as usual, probably.


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