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Become a Member

But first before you apply please read the following:
Do you pass the Qualification Test?

Please read the Membership Qualification Questionnaire below and answer the questions honestly.

You can ask assistance from Family, Friends, Business Colleagues, Legal and Professional Adviser, if you are in doubt as to the answer of a specific question and then

TFIC Membership Qualification Questionnaire

Are you a Fucking Idiot? Do you know if you are a Fucking Idiot?

Before we can accept you as a Member we must be sure you qualify

The list of questions as follows will clearly demonstrate if you qualify

Scientific and Forensic Accounting experts calculate there is a 99.999% chance out of 100% that you qualify. But you could be one of the .001% that does not. It is strange that 99.999% of the 99.999% think they are not, but everyone else they know qualify

Have you a credit card that you do not pay off the balance each month?

Have you been divorced?

Are you in debt over your head or paying excess interest rates?

Have you not had a raise in your salary in the last 12 months?

Have you ever been fired, sacked, made redundant?

Has your wife/husband/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend found out that you are having sex with someone else?

Have you crashed your car or even worse your partner's/father's/mother's/friend's car?

Have you sat next to someone on a journey that has paid less than you for the same distance?

Have you ever answered your wife's/husband's/partner's/girlfriend's/boyfriend's question as to which of her/his friends you fancied with the name of your choice?

Does your Boss call you a Fucking Idiot?

Does your wife/ex-wife/husband/ex-husband/father/mother/ son/daughter/partner/ex-partner/friend/ex-friend or foe (foes are never ex, one of you has to die to end this relationship) call you a Fucking Idiot?

Have you been caught speeding in a Motor Vehicle?

Have you been caught Drunk in Charge of a Motor Vehicle?

Do you regularly lose at cards or other games of chance?

Do you regularly lose your money playing golf?

Have you ever lost money on that great deal?

A Yes to any of these questions will qualify you for Membership

The chances that we make a mistake and accept for membership someone who is not a Fucking Idiot are about .001%. These are people who are not Fucking Idiots, they are just certifiably insane


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